Integrating Spirituality

Integrating spiritual practices has been a spiritual practice for him. He has dedicated his life to helping other discover or rediscover spiritual practices that strengthen one’s ability to solve and end social injustices. Often, such practices are taught only as a means to help nurture an intimate, personal, and private relationship with God. Rarely are they taught as a means to help nurture a deep, collective, and public relationship with God to help others solve and end social injustices which heal singular and societal hurts and pains.

He teaches that personally selected spiritual practices can help people integrate their actions and reactions with the actions and reactions of the people and places that make up their everyday world. Such integration helps them become agents of transformation and reconciliation.

He also teaches individuals how to develop a Rule of Life as a personal toolbox and to fill it with spiritual practices to help solve and end singular and societal struggles in the communities in which they live, work, worship, recreate, socialize, and/or serve.


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