In Memory of Social Reformers

He is dedicated to preserving and advancing the solutions of past social reformers that helped resolve social ills and injustices. Many past social reformers remain unknown to, or are forgotten by, those who seek to advance social justice today. Consequently, the teachings, writings, and speeches of these social reformers are repeatedly neglected and often do not inform the resolutions that present-day justice seekers seek to inspire which the Hub is committed to reversing.

He is also dedicated to promoting present day social reformers who are known for their accomplishments towards solving and ending social ills and injustices as a result of their hands-on experiences with such issues. Such persons are often unknown to other present-day justice seekers and the public.

He is also dedicated to fostering future reformers by connecting them to the experiences of past and present reformers and to organizations that seek to support their potential. He helps connect them by promoting books and other writings, conferences, classes, trainings, and seminars that expound upon the ideas, beliefs, and principles of past and present reformers in order to help future reformers apply their strategies and campaigns to unresolved social problems.


Recent posts include: