Imposing Social Justice

Preventing and ending homelessness has been one of the crucial focuses of his writings. He has written papers to help inform decision-makers and stakeholders nationally, in California the state in which he lives, and a special focus on Pasadena the city in which he lives.

He has conducted numerous workshops and meetings throughout California that focus on preventing and ending homelessness. To help inform state decision-makers and stakeholders, he established the Homeless and Housing Strategies for California web site.

To help facilitate policy and program decisions, he convenes the gatherings of the Southern California Alliance of Continuums of Care, which brings together the government staff in charge of homelessness for each of the 10 counties that make up Southern California and federal and state administrators to enhance efforts to implement policy and programs.

He and a peer started the Pasadena Housing and Homeless Network, which is known today as the Pasadena Partnership to End Homelessness. He is the co-progenitor of the Faith Community Committee and chairs the Homeless Planning and Research Committee.


Recent posts include: